Before understanding the process of outsourcing medical coding services, let us take a look at the key factors that come along. For instance, the insurance process requires a speedy and effective submission of patient information from healthcare institutions. The insurance process requires a speedy and effective submission of patient information from healthcare institutions. The speed of submission is a factor in the rate of approvals as well as the refusal of claims. In this scenario, there is a massive requirement to make the claims processing process extremely accurate and speedy. Medical Coding involves creating codes and categorizing the patient documents, making the management of medical practices efficient. Each chart of a patient is assigned a specific code to facilitate quick access to medical records to be used for insurance purposes.

The medical coding specialists’ firms serve the healthcare industry all over the globe with multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary needs. Several companies offer the highest quality CPT and HCPCS (Level I and II) medical coding online solutions that are designed to help you improve your reimbursements. Medical Coding has directly impacted the amount of money you earn since errors made in this phase can lead to delays, decrease reimbursements and require revisions. The certified and skilled medical coding specialists carry out the process of coding with absolute accuracy.

How Medical Coding Process is Done:

Let us guide the medical code procedure:
  1. Accessing charts of patients: This process begins by sending details of the patient. The transfer of data can happen by VPN, or you may grant us permission to access the data through your management software for practice. You are entirely secure in the protection of your personal information. Additionally, several companies sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) together with you, which provides an obligation to the lawful guarantee of security.
  2. Pre-coding: During the time of pre-coding, codes are entered that refer to insurance organizations or doctors, diagnoses, and other processes. Each medical coder follows this code throughout the entire coding process.
  3. ICD Codes for CPT: The coders adhere to ICD-10-CM LMRP and CPT Assistant and HCPCS level II medical Coding. Codes are recorded and assigned in accordance with the procedural codes to avoid any type of up-coding or down-coding mistakes. The diagnosis is compared against the procedural codes which are input into the system. And when there is a discrepancy and the needed adjustments are implemented.
  4. Quality Check: A rigorous quality analysis test is carried out throughout the code-coding process. The medical coding quality experts conduct multiple and rigorous checks for accuracy, avoiding any possibilities of up-coding/down-coding before delivering the coded charts to the client.
  5. Submitting coded charts: After the chart codes are completed, they are then submitted to the customer electronically. The charts are then utilized in the claim processing process. If you’d like to make use of Medical billing from us Our medical billing team will be in charge from this point on.
  6. Feedback from Clients: At the project’s completion, client feedback is collected to ensure that the work we did is in line with the needs of the client. The suggestions are gathered from the client and then implement to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Coding Processes

The timely submission of medical bills and obtaining reimbursement for those claims promptly is vital to the success of managing the revenue cycle. Healthcare professionals would be able to agree that timely following-ups with payers are essential to get denied and rejected claims paid. However, the process of establishing effective Medical billing and Coding for both small practices as well as big ones is a challenge and best obtainable when outsourcing to professional billing firms.

Outsourcing medical billing and coding services can allow you to submit quicker and more efficient claims for a lower cost. Flatworld Solutions is a leading medical billing firm that understands the importance of timely medical billing in the global market. We also remove you from the administration and follow-up issues related to medical billing. This will allow you to concentrate on providing medical billing online services to patients as well as your primary responsibilities.

Why Outsource Medical Coding Service?

Outsourcing medical coding is important when you contract the coding task out to a third-party coding firm instead of having it completed internally. According to your agreement the company that codes will be in charge of all or the majority of the work that is related to the medical coding requirements. The third-party provider is accountable for keeping their employees current on the most recent techniques and requirements for coding. Many medical coders work remotely you may also hire coders who can come into your clinic and work in it.

medical coding outsourcing


If they outsource their coding, after the procedure is complete, they will forward the medical charts to the organization they work with. The coders will review the charts, finish the coding process and then return the charts to the physician.

Medical coding outsourcing companies can also conduct medical coding audits as well as provide additional services like medical record review, research assistance, and improvement of clinical documentation.

The alternative to outsourcing your medical codes is to do it within your own department. In some companies, doctors and other medical professionals might code themselves. Some organizations might create an internal group of coders from the medical field in order to complete all or a large portion of their Coding.

There are numerous advantages of outsourcing medical coding specialists. Here are a few most important reasons why outsourcing medical coding is the best option.

  • Up-to-Date Certifications

Medical coders should keep up to date with changes to the coding system, regulations, and the best methods. They must also stay current with certifications and fulfill the requirements for continuing education. It’s also helpful for them to stay informed of updates from healthcare agencies, government agencies, organizations, and other organizations through their blogs, website emails, webinars, email lists seminars, and other information.

Maintaining up-to-date with the latest certifications and updates takes an investment of time. Sometimes, a major upgrade occurs that causes significant changes in the medical codes. The introduction of ICD 10, for example, was accompanied by an enormous increase in the number of codes. ICD-10-PCS contains 19 times more procedure codes than ICD-9-CM volume 3. ICD-10-CM contains approximately five times the diagnosis codes than ICD-9-CM.

If you have a relationship with third-party medical coders You don’t need to be concerned about these regulations However. Medical outsourcing companies will manage these issues for you. And you can be confident that the coders in your charts have skills in their qualifications, certifications, and experience. There are certain companies of medical coding that licensed by either the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

  • Consistent Staffing Levels

If you are a company with an in-house team of coding and you depend on them to handle all your coding requirements. If you are the only team and you are unable to change the environment. Sometimes, the amount of code required could be more than the capacity of your internal team. In other instances, your team might be understaffed due to the fact that the coder goes off on vacation, becomes sick, or quits. This could result in backlogs in the work of coding and delays in the payment.

For outsourcing medical coding companies are, however they have a huge staff of coders. They are able to adapt to the changes in the amount of work that your business gives them. They don’t have to be concerned over one or more of their employees working from home since they have additional coders that they can rotate with. When you contract with medical coding firms you’ll be able to relax knowing that there are plenty of coders available to finish the job quickly.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

In many instances outsourcing medical coding can be cheaper than hiring and maintaining an internal staff of coders. Hiring medical coders, particularly those with specialized training and high capabilities, can be costly. By outsourcing, you have access to top coders at a much lower cost. Coders who are certified and have more experience earn greater pay. Skillful coders possess qualifications such as Certified Medical Auditor Professional, A ‘Certified Professional in Documentation Outpatients’ and a ‘Certified Medical Practice Manager’ make a heavy amount per year.

Salary isn’t the sole cost of hiring medical coders of course. Other expenses sustain; like taxes which the employer pays and also other benefits such as retirement insurance, health insurance as well as leaves. The cost will be around 35 percent of the coder’s earnings. Additionally, you will have costs like office space and equipment and also intangible costs such as those related to hiring or training, supervising licensing, and insurance. Also, you should consider the potential costs of the time that you’ll invest in hiring, training, directing, and investing in your own internal coding team.

If you contract out your medical coding, the organization that you contract with is accountable for all the costs. Since they operate on a greater scale and have experience with medical coding, and have coding as their primary goal They can usually offer the services to practices for less than what it would cost the practices to handle all medical coding on their own.

Since conditions are different between methods, you should perform your own research to determine the most economical option for you. Most of the time, the most cost-effective option is to outsource your coding work to a specialist.

  • Hiring Challenges

Medical coders hired for hire can pose problems that go beyond the cost. There is an insufficient supply of medical coders. This is due to IDC 10, which reduced coders’ efficiency due to the necessity to learn a brand new system. The introduction of ICD 10 also leads to huge-scale retirements, and more are likely to get retire in the near future,  which says that the median age for medical coders is 54 approximately.

It’s even harder to find a professional coder who is qualified in the event that you require someone who has experience in a specific specialization. There might there aren’t enough coders for medical available in your area that meet your needs. The shortage of medical coders is also causing a rise in the wages of coders. Finding a way to keep those you hire to code is also a problem in particular which gives numerous jobs for coders in the present.

If you contract your programming you’ll always have a team of coders who are available. Even if a few coders decide to leave the firm you contract with, there will be other coders to fill their shoes immediately. Medical billing, coding, and remote businesses have the ability to recruit coders from all over which means they have a greater pool of which to choose employees. The company that you code with is likely to have coders who meet the requirements you require, even if you require someone who has particular expertise.

  • More Time for Core Activities

In-house medical coding takes time and energy away from other tasks. This is particularly evident if doctors code themselves however, the process of training, managing, and coordinating an internal team can take considerable time and effort too. There is a significant potential cost to conduct your own medical code.

The outsourcing of your coding will give you the time to concentrate on your core business. Your staff can concentrate on patients, assisting to improve the quality of treatment. When you partner with a professional coding service. You’ll still receive precise coding and will also pay promptly and you won’t need to detach yourself from your core routine to see these results.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

Contracting with a medical coding business gives the flexibility and flexibility as compared to hiring an in-house team. If you have an internal team, you will have a certain quantity of coders. The process of hiring new employees can be a lengthy process. Coders have little knowledge and experience, which means when something unpredictable happens, they are not able to handle the situation without further training.

When you are outsourcing medical coding services you’ll have access to an extensive pool of code experts. This allows you to grow your team or down quickly. If you’re experiencing an unusually large amount of work in one day, the company that codes can send more workers to finish the work to ensure that there is no delay in submitting claims or getting payments. If your business grows over time and you expand your coding capabilities, you can ramp your capacity for coding quickly and with less effort.

There are also coders with different skills and qualifications if you work with medical coding outsourcing companies. If you require coding services for a specific medical service that you’re not usually dealing with. The business has someone on staff who has the skills required to meet your needs.

  • Consistent Quality and Accuracy


medical billing and coding outsource

If you choose to work with specialized coders services offer the same level of accuracy and quality. The expert team has years of expertise in medical coding and has a huge staff of experienced coders. Due to the flexibility that the medical coding outsourcing business will provide you. You can be sure that you’ll receive the same high-quality service regardless of the amount of records increase. Additionally, you won’t have to fret about declining quality and accuracy. Because of lower levels of staff on specific days or changes to codes or rules.

  • Transparency

The outsourcing medical coding firm you work with will provide you with complete records and performance reports on medical billing. They can provide these reports in a timely manner or on request. This provides you with a clear view of the coding and billing process which helps you gain an accurate understanding. It will also tell you how your business is operating. It is completely possible to gain the information you need. And without the hassle of investing time and effort in maintaining complete records or supervising employees. This is a benefit to think about before deciding whether to hire or outsource medical coders.

  • Security and Compliance

Security and compliance with regulations is a major concern for every healthcare organization. For medical coding and billing, you have to ensure that you have solid data security and disaster recovery procedures. Because they will place to guard against data loss as well as other cyber attacks. Additionally, you need to ensure that you’re in compliance with HIPAA and other laws.

A reputable coding company is aware of the concerns regarding security and compliance that you face when coding. While you must always ensure that you are taking proper security measures on your own. But you can rest assured that your company’s coding team will be following the correct steps too.

What Do Medical Coding Experts Do?

Medical coding specialists are part of the health records department at an organization in the field of healthcare. Like an institution or hospital by defining diagnoses and processes to help the hospitals. For instance with the payment process and reimbursement to insurance companies for health care. Medical coding specialists need to have an associate’s level degree and the appropriate certification to be employed.

A specialist in medical coding works in the medical record billing division of a healthcare company. Some specialists who work in this field opt to specialize in one particular kind of medical coding like cancer treatment. The main responsibility of a medical coder is to allocate a specific code to every type of treatment or diagnosis. The coding system records the patient’s diagnosis and treatment as well as assigns the patient to a diagnostic-related group (DRG). The health insurance plans utilize coding to compensate hospitals. Medical coding specialists typically operate in a typical office setting and work 40-hour working days. Some hospitals have 24/7 health information departments. The coding experts may require to perform work late in the evening and on weekends.



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