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Our Medical Billing services along with the lowest costing has been excellent. Our team at Vyadommedhave been phenomenal in helping patients understand where they are and what’s happening. Our core focus is purely revolves around providing exceptional medical billing services well suited to your absolute needs. We can easy guarantee you unified on-boarding procedure which can be done with our true medical billing experts. The main focal point gathers around taking you in the direction of profitability and financial stability. We do not waste our time in setting long term contracts or to sell you software.

Vyadommed billing solutions and services influence spans of familiarity, and through unceasing modernization we help practices save time and money, enhance patient involvement, progress excellence of life and empower governing compliance. We support physician practices of all size, providing assimilated clinical and financial results and services, for associated and autonomous physician practices which are identical.

We provide the best Medical Billing Services at lowest possible prices. We’re not trying to lock you into a long term contracts or sell you software. We provide medical billing services tailored to your needs.

Complete Services

We provide great deal of commendable services in medical billing. We are not limited to patient calling, medical billing code, enrollment, credentialing, entry of claims, denials, denunciations, and appeals our horizons goes beyond that. The aforementioned are the set of services in which we actively deal exclusively at our organizational front.

Software Flexible

We work in accordance with the system that our customer prefers, our domain is not in to switching to another system. We are expertise in numerous Practice Management, clearing house platform and billing with EHR. We are focused on automating the process of managing the healthcare of the people across the care continuum.

Customer Centric

We provide excellent customer service which is beyond par which is the reason to achieve our desired goals. Our availability for our respected clients are though Text message, Email or Phone. Unlike other billing companies we are very quick with our prompt feedback and/or responses with the clients.

Fully Transparent

We provide utmost feasible way to foresee the claims process on a note of 27/7, along with completely adaptable financial reports. In addition, monthly reports and providence of bi-weekly reports are also available for your convenience.


What’s offered in Our Dedicated Billing Services

We provide end to end medical billing solutions covering all aspects of billing cycle with no set up or start up cost Also we offer various support services which free the doctor's time.

Eligibility & Benefit

Vyadommed VOB teams provide you benefit verification and then sent to our experts for Pre-Certificate the services before a patient visits the doctor's office.

Charge Entry & Claim

We entered and submit claims within 24 hours. Our process is flawless and error free. Our first time pass rate is over 95%.

Follow up and Appeal

If we getting a denied from insurance our well trained A/R specialists will take appropriate action within 24 hours, we’re also implementing a rule

Patient Statements &
BRC system

Having confirmed appropriate payment from all payers, if remaining balance is owed by a patient. A statement will be generated with detailed

Patient Inquiries

We have our highly trained workforce dedicatedly working on Patient Helpline and prompting to the patient inquiries with regard to their

Weekly/ Monthly Customized

Vyadom MD’s reporting team will provide data in easy to read format via excel/PPT as well as PDF.


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